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Hello and thanks for visiting my website. Here you will find all sorts of information about programming, python, godot, and linux.

Looking for a book which goes through creating real, useful desktop apps using Python and Tkinter? I've written a free book released under Creative Commons. Check it out here:

Get Tkinter By Example on Github

I may have more useful things to talk about on the homepage in the future, but for now please carry on to my blog.

About Javascript and Cookies

This website should function fine with NoScript and LibreJS. There is only a tiny piece of JS which collapses the nav bar for mobile users.

There is NO tracking, there are NO cookies, there are NO ads. I do not like any of that stuff.

If you do find anything suspicious, it will be the hosting company (I use shared hosting). Please open an issue at the github source of this website and let me know.

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