Tkinter GUI Programming By Example

If you enjoyed Tkinter By Example, you will be pleased to know that I have created a second book called Tkinter GUI Programming By Example.

This book helps the user to create three full-features desktop applications using Python 3.6 and Tkinter.


The first project we undertake will be a game of blackjack. After creating a very simple command-line version, we learn how to adapt a text-only game into one with graphics, sounds and animations using Tkinter and Pygame. We'll cover how to use Tkinter's very powerful Canvas widget, how images can be used by Tkinter, and what data structures are appropriate for graphical applications. If you are not familiar with Python's simple and effective Class system, that will be refreshed as well.


A Python Text Editor

Our second project will be a text editor. Not just a plain old notepad, though, this editor will feature syntax-highlighting for the python programming language. As the project grows, our editor will be able to open and save files to the user's hard drive, and will become incredibly customisable. The colours of the editor and window will be adjustable, and syntax highlighting options will be super simple to add with the use of yaml. All of the features you know and love from existing text editors will also be included, such as keyboard shortcuts, line numbers, and a find-and-replace dialogue.

Text Editor

An Online Chat Program

The final project covered by the book will be an instant messaging program. This program will combine web-technologies such as flask and sqlite with the convenience and familiarity of a native desktop application. Once the project is finished, the user will be able to add and block contacts, message them asynchronously and even set up their own avatars. Of course, no chat program would be complete without smilies!



Once these projects are complete, the final chapter will cover how to package up your desktop applications to be shared with the rest of the world. We will create a portable binary for one of our projects on each of the major desktop operating systems.

If these projects sound like fun to you, check out Tkinter GUI Programming By Example. The book is published by Packt, and can be found over on their website.

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