Ludum Dare 43 Results

If you didn't read my previous post on LD43, check it out here.

The Ludum Dare results came in, and I managed to break top 100 in two categories! There were apparently 506 ranked entries for the Compo.

My results were:

Overall: 144 th (3.645 average from 33 ratings)

Fun: 291 st (3.129 average from 33 ratings)

Innovation: 157 th (3.419 average from 33 ratings)

Theme: 55 th (4.113 average from 33 ratings)

Graphics: 366 th (2.871 average from 33 ratings)

Audio: 365 th (2.306 average from 33 ratings)

Mood: 60 th (3.806 average from 33 ratings)

I'm very happy with these results. Now my goal for next time is obvious - I must break top 50 somewhere!

Where I did well - Theme and Mood

No real surprises there to be honest. The game was based on a sad story, thus had quite a strong mood. The story was also based entirely around the theme, to the point of literally having the theme as a piece of dialogue in both endings.

Where I didn't do so well - Graphics and Audio

Can't say I'm surprised there either. As mentioned in the previous post, my graphics were hand-drawn onto paper with coloured markers, then "scanned" in with a phone app. This is probably not to everyone's taste (and I can't really draw as well as I tend to think I can).

Audio was the absolute last thing I added, and I had struggles with getting Audacity to play ball. A few commenters mentioned that some subtle background music may have helped, and I completely agree. I wasn't in the mood to tackle a brand new challenge late on submission day, so decided that no BGM would be better than terrible BGM.

What next?

Before next time I'm going to try my hand at some music generation. I've had a play with beepbox in the past but not in very much depth. I plan to have a try at using it to make some unobtrusive background melodies so that my next game will be a bit less quiet (and perhaps moodier).

Artwork is something I have always struggled with during my attempts to make games. Pixel art is the only sort of computer art I don't entirely suck at, so perhaps I'll use it for my next game jam. The choice of hand-drawn this time was entirely spontaneous (and I thought it might give me a bit of a boost for being novelty) yet not successful enough for me to try again.

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