Ludum Dare 44 Results

If you didn't read my previous post on LD44, check it out here.

The Ludum Dare results came in, and I didn't do as well as last time. I have a more detailed breakdown this year so you can see how well I ranked in each category.

My results were:

Overall: 357 / 508 (3.136 average from 46 ratings)

Fun: 382 / 507 (2.849 average from 45 ratings)

Innovation: 347 / 506 (2.826 average from 45 ratings)

Theme: 122 / 506 (3.663 average from 45 ratings)

Graphics: 392 / 491 (2.807 average from 46 ratings)

Audio: 295 / 392 (2.762 average from 44 ratings)

Humor: 101 / 412 (3.333 average from 44 ratings)

Mood: 353 / 472 (2.837 average from 45 ratings)

Glad my sense of humour comes through, and it seems I'm consistently good at sticking to the theme.

Where I did well - Theme and Humour

My last game did not attempt any humour, so I opted out of ratings in that category. This time I went with a more light-hearted story, and it seems I got that across well. Once again I literally wrote the theme as part of my dialogue, so I'm not surprised that people saw the theme within my game.

Where I didn't do so well - Graphics and Mood

As mentioned, the game was supposed to be light-hearted, so no surprise that I didn't score well on Mood. I would think it very difficult to score well on both mood and humour.

Graphics, well, as I said last time, I can't draw. I think developer art loses its charm on people who are playing 50+ quickly-made games, especially if those people are also rating games made by teams which include an artist.

Compared to last time

My goal from my last jam was to try and put some effort into music, since Audio was by far my lowest scoring category. This time it was my third best, which is great!

I was also hoping to score a bit better on graphics, but I ended up averaging about the same this time (2.8).

What Next?

My second attempt has made something very clear to me - I can come up with stories about the theme quite easily, but these don't tend to transfer very well into gameplay. Both of my games have been more "interactive stories" than "games". Next jam my goal is to prioritise gameplay before story. Maybe I won't even add a story at all (if I can fight temptation).

I would also like to try and get better at making graphics. Perhaps I will try making art with an SVG creator like Inkscape, since developer-grade pixel art is dime-a-dozen during the ratings.

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