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Here you will find various writings on subjects which I deem interesting enough to write about. That typically includes web development, miscellaneous programming with python and the Godot game engine, and linux things.

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  1. Creating a Searchable Dropdown of Strings in GTK-rs (Rust + GTK4)

    A short post because this took me hours of trial and error to figure out.

    // Step 1:
    let my_string_vec = vec!["one", "two", "apples", "appstore", "append"];
    let imgs_strlist = gtk::StringList::new(my_string_vec.as_slice());
    // Step 2:
    let exp = gtk::PropertyExpression::new(
    // Step 3:
    let my_select …
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  2. Books I Read In 2023

    Still making time to read this year. My tastes seem to have drifted over towards fiction - I haven't had much desire to read philsophy, which is what I started out with back in 2021.

    Here is just a dump of all of the books I read this year, mostly for …

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  3. My Linux Distro Tier List

    Just for fun, I decided to throw together a tier list showcasing my opinions / experiences with a bunch of Linux distros. These usually make for entertaining YouTube videos, but I don't make videos, so I'll try it in text format.

    Note: These are my personal opinions based on my own …

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  4. Why All Developers Should Code in a Virtual Machine

    As I've talked about in another post, my work setup involves running an Oracle Linux 8 VM via VirtManager to install and run all of my projects. My reason for this is, in a word, "security", and in this post I'll go over exactly how and why I use this …

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  5. Thoughts on Fedora Silverblue After Almost Two Years

    I've been using Fedora Silverblue daily on my work laptop since around the release of version 35 (2nd Nov 2021 according to Wikipedia), and on my main personal machine since I bought it (Jan 2022). This has given me long enough to form an in-depth opinion of the distro, so …

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  6. Why I Dislike the Term "Immutable Distro"

    Immutable Distros are something I've written quite a lot about recently, but I'm really not fond of the actual term. I use it because, for better or worse, it's become part of the linux vernacular. However, it seems like most people who are actually involved in the immutable distro "scene …

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  7. Are Immutable Linux Distros Taking Your Freedom?

    As someone who loves the idea of the Immutable / Atomic / Image-Based distros, I tend to find myself reading or watching a fair bit of discourse around them. A common sentiment you will come across in this area is the idea that an Immutable distro is "taking your freedom" or "too …

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  8. Books I Read In 2022

    I've been fairly good at sticking with my New Year's Resolution for 2021 and carving out some time to read most evenings.

    Here is just a dump of all of the books I read this year, mostly for my own sake. Perhaps it will be of interest to others, too …

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