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Here you will find various writings on subjects which I deem interesting enough to write about. That typically includes web development, miscellaneous programming with python and the Godot game engine, and linux things.

If you wish to discuss anything you read here, feel free to open an issue over at the Github source of this blog.

  1. How to get Flask to auto-restart despite syntax errors

    When developing a Flask application, the auto-reloader is incredibly helpful. Each time I edit a python file the server will restart, so that my changes are immediately implemented. However, there is still room for improvement, which is what I will briefly discuss and fix in this post.

    First, for context …

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  2. Ludum Dare 43 Results

    If you didn't read my previous post on LD43, check it out here.

    The Ludum Dare results came in, and I managed to break top 100 in two categories! There were apparently 506 ranked entries for the Compo.

    My results were:

    Overall: 144 th (3.645 average from 33 ratings …

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  3. Some common python interview questions

    My first job out of university was entirely LAMP, using Zend framework. However, I had always loved writing python, and when it came time to leave that job I was mainly looking for something which would let me use it.

    As you can imagine, recruiters were slightly sceptical of my …

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  4. Overtime - Ludum Dare 43 Post Mortem

    For the unfamiliar, Ludum Dare is a 48 or 72 hour game jam. The organisers announce a theme and begin a countdown, then you have either 48 hours to create a game by yourself and enter it into the "Compo", or 72 hours to work in a team of any …

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  5. Making a Cutscene with Text Dialogue in Godot 3.0

    When making a more fully-featured game in Godot, I often find myself needing to create a cutscene which displays an image and some text.

    I typically lay this out with the image taking the top 2/3 or 3/4 of the window, and a black box taking up the …

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  6. Entroware Zeus Review

    Update 07/2019 It seems Entroware have released a new version of the Zeus. It's now a 16" machine which features less IO than the model I purchased, but comes with a better processor and a 2080 GPU. This means my review is now somewhat obsolete.

    The Zeus is a …

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  7. Building a Desktop Clock widget with Tkinter

    Clock Widget

    A few months ago I bought a shiny new gaming laptop as my main computer. No surprise, this laptop came with Windows 10 installed. Since I decided to pass on Windows 8 and 8.1, this was my first experience with something other than Windows 7 for at least 8 …

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