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Here you will find various writings on subjects which I deem interesting enough to write about. That typically includes web development, miscellaneous programming with python and the Godot game engine, and linux things.

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  1. Using asyncio to speed up Flask API calls

    For a work project I am currently building, I have been tasked with creating a stats page for a particular site. This is completely the norm at my workplace, with one exception.

    Typically we have an in-house database / service for amalgamating all sorts of numbers and dates, and we query ...

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  2. How to get Flask to auto-restart despite syntax errors

    When developing a Flask application, the auto-reloader is incredibly helpful. Each time I edit a python file the server will restart, so that my changes are immediately implemented. However, there is still room for improvement, which is what I will briefly discuss and fix in this post.

    First, for context ...

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  3. Some common python interview questions

    My first job out of university was entirely LAMP, using Zend framework. However, I had always loved writing python, and when it came time to leave that job I was mainly looking for something which would let me use it.

    As you can imagine, recruiters were slightly sceptical of my ...

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