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Here you will find various writings on subjects which I deem interesting enough to write about. That typically includes web development, miscellaneous programming with python and the Godot game engine, and linux things.

If you wish to discuss anything you read here, feel free to open an issue over at the Github source of this blog.

  1. Front End Frameworks 3 - Vue

    The third (and probably final) framework I'll be writing my timekeeping page in is Vue. I've worked on a project in the past which was written in "proper" Vue (with .vue files and a npm server), but I've forgotten basically all of it by now.

    Vue 3 ...

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  2. Front End Frameworks 2 - React

    The second framework I decided to rewrite my timekeeping page in was React. It seems to be the most popular framework at the present time, so I would expect it to have a lot of support from documentation, stackoverflow questions, and the like.

    To my disappointment, it seems like it ...

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  3. Front End Frameworks 1 - Mithril

    Despite my general dislike for the overcomplicated front-end frameworks, I have found myself on about 3 occasions now thinking they could possibly be an easier way of tackling a particular problem.

    During a small window of not-much-going-on at work, I decided to finally give some of them a try. After ...

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